Why PHP security is important

Welcome to PHP Security Mastery!

This course will teach you how to protect your PHP applications from web attacks.

By the end of the course, you'll know how to implement the right defense techniques against all the different types of attack.

Before jumping into the first chapter, let's see the two most important reasons why PHP security is important for web developers.

First reason: security is not optional

Unfortunately, many web applications on the Internet are not secure. In fact, about 30,000 websites are hacked every day.

The reason is that many developers consider web security as optional. They see security as something that is not strictly required for a web app to work.

But that is a mistake. In fact, a web application is not complete if it's not secure.

Think about cars. A car could "work" even without safety systems, such as airbags and ABS. However, a car cannot be complete unless all such features are implemented.

The same logic applies to web apps.

An insecure web application may work inside a local, protected environment. But once it gets deployed on the Internet, it's just a matter of time before it gets hacked.

Insecure web applications are incomplete and dangerous, and they will stop working as soon as the first attack comes. Just like cars without safety systems.

If you want your PHP apps to be complete, your PHP code must be secure.

Second reason: learning PHP security will boost your career

As web developers, we have the responsibility to keep the web a safe place as much as we can. It's part of our job.

But writing secure PHP code is also important for your career.

If you provide your clients with secure PHP applications, they will trust you and they will likely ask for your services again.

Put simply, making secure apps will give you a good reputation, while making insecure apps will give you a bad reputation.

And with millions of PHP developers out there, you simply cannot afford a bad reputation.

This is why you should care about PHP security as much as you care about your own career.

Now that the importance of PHP security is clear, let's see how this course will help you make your code secure.

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